Monday, 10 September 2007

Today was my second gym session in as many days. I’ve been ‘rippin’ it up’ on those weights. No, not really – just plugging away as it only right and British.

Why, why, why does my local gym consider that shutting at 5pm on the w/end is a good idea? I know they’ve probably done their research and know on a cost-per-whatever basis it makes sense. Seems weird though.

Made it in a 4.28pm yesterday then headed to the running machine. Set it to 8.1 mph which should have given me a 7.30 mile. But I forgot about how long it takes to get up to that speed pushing the button – so what I expected to be my fastest mile ever was 7.36 … boo hissss. However, what I did learn from that experience was not ‘how to curtail an obsession with numbers and distances and statistics’ but, ‘to run for 30seconds first and get the machine up to speed’!!! Ah well. The positive side was that I set it to 8.1 and just ran. I didn’t have to tweak it up and down to keep going, I didn’t have to give myself a break – it was brilliant, felt like some kind of speed demon (still sounded like a stream engine stuck in a tunnel).

Today was just lovely. Sunny and we got lots of irritating wee jobs done (now I’ve got a working blind and the mower has been fixed). TheO was also in sparkling mood after a migraine washed them out yesterday. TheO wanted to pop to the gym and, quite frankly, who am I to refuse. Really decided to make it hard work today as I wasn’t going to do any cardio. Set everything 1 (or 2) segments higher and really pushed myself. Hmmm, can’t wait to wake up with that dull ache in my limbs tomorrow. The one that tells me I really did try.

Ridiculously positive mood about my body today. After a long run or a good gym session I always get the feeling I have this amazing body which just happens to be covered in a huge layer of lard. Hmmm, not sure if this is deluded good self image, or just deluded.

With this delusion is in mind. I now look up Athena times for 5K, 10K and Halfs online. Interesting reading, definitely gives me some times to aim for, especially in the shorter races.

Hope everyone has managed to enjoy some belated summer weather over the w/end.

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