Friday, 28 September 2007

What is wrong with me.

It's 11.46pm and I'm excited about my 'big run' tomorrow. I mean, WTF. I must be a crazeeeee.

Went out for a lovely dinner at The Doll's House with Tigger and Tom - ate too much (which has been a bit of a running theme this week) and my steak was boggin'. I've finally got to bite the bullet and admit that I only like fillet (damn me and liking expensive stuff) and only when I've under-cooked it to my liking (think raw with a bit of colour on the outside - for show).

Ah well, nevermind. Yesterday evening did a lovely 5k in the gym. All at 1% on the machine (shudder) and managed a respectable 29.30. Unfortunately afterwards I thought I was going to hurl (this never happens to me) - had to go and sit in the loos until it passed. Then did all the weights as usual. But, at the end of that too I felt chunder-some. I might have been working REALLY hard but I think it had more to do with my afternoon choice of food: bagel saurkraut cheese etc think this was not good for digestion. Luckily TheO was super sweet, drove me home and made me a simple veggie pasta dinner. Bless.

The plan for tomorrow is a nice big run - about 9 miles - on a new route. Start with 3 hard miles with quite a bit of uphill. Then an incredible downhill stretch - a few small rises, but mostly just flat and down. I can't wait. Might be able to try my new sports bra out if it arrives in time - the famed Enell.

Wish me luck.

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