Monday, 23 April 2007

Work it baby - work it!

For once I am completely buzzed from a gym session.
Walked el poochos on the beach (some vague warm-up). Then headed into the gym.

Treadmill - one mile in 7:45 - flying. Then speed-walked for a wee bit then covered the next mile in 8:50 something. Stopped after 20min when 2.25 miles had been covered. It was a great speed session. I kept pushing my pace up and down but trying to remain within the 7-8 mph range.

Then the weights. I decided not to pussyfoot around and really bother to push myself. I worked damn hard and will feel it tomorrow. But it's all worth it for the feeling of achievement. I lifted more than I have before and really enjoyed trying to get those last reps out.

I'm going to ache loads and desperately need to wash off the ick.
In other news - TheO's new ASICS arrived and they actually fit. It's a miracle. Might need some minor adjustment on the inside to stop a blister area but they really seem to do the job, and they stopped any leg pain from occurring - so that has to be good.
Off to update my PBs.... yippppppeeeeeeeeee

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