Thursday, 5 April 2007

Magical Weather - Too hot for Running

Crikey - this mini heatwave can last a few more days. It's blooming marvellous.

After a much needed rest for the ole legs and toes today I went for a run.
Quite frankly after the joys of the w/end I expected today to be a doddle, easy peasy, no sweat. I was mistaken. It was a damn harm slog - ridiculous given that it was 3.3 miles. There were moments when I could have sworn I'd never run as far in my life. I thought it must have been the super speed I was doing ... got back to the car and discovered I'd managed perfectly sedate 10min/mile pace - Pah!

It was relaxing though. I'd forgotten a watch, or orwell, so it was just me and a water bottle (which sucks, even short runs now will be accompanied by the camelbak). I went through the woods to avoid the glare of the midday sun. On returning I couldn't face the tiny undulations in the woods and needed some f.l.a.t. running. So along the road, which could have been used as a set for prisoner of war films when they march them through the dust as they slowly melt under the ferocious heat.

It was glaring, it was hot as hell but the smell of the woods was amazing. It was the most incredible aroma of warm wood and pine resin with dry pine needles crackling underfoot. If I was the type of runner to stop and take photos today would have produced a huge crop, none of which would have expressed the smell and the stillness in the forest.

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