Monday, 30 April 2007

Facing my Demons

Again - I might be exaggerating slightly. I went on a run in the (blistering) heat of the day - and it was a super-hilly route.

After no long run at the w/end I was determined to get at least 10K done today. Having not run that far since the 1st I was a little apprehensive.

10K - 62min ... so 1omin/mile pace exactly

9.55 - 30% down - 70% gentle up or hill
10.13 - 50% flat 50% undulating
10.12 - 100% gentle up or hill
10.27 - 50% up 50% down
10.10 - 90% down 10% flat
9.00 - 20% gentle rise 80% down
2.01 - 50% down 50% up

I've never really done such a hilly route. It was quite fun, but really damn hot. The only saving grace was a cool sea breeze. Finally having managed to get round the 10K (with some moments of extreme effort) I finally feel a bit more prepared for Sunday's final race. It was beginning to prey on my mind; and I've got the busiest week ever so I need to focus on work not fret (ridiculously) about running. While I still hope to get under 60min on the day itself this run felt like a huge achievement. I never really imagined being able to run round the hilly back roads - especially keeping to a 10min/mile pace.

Mapmyrun has gone and upgraded itself and therefore lost the elevation for The Great Edinburgh Run. It doesn't look too bad though... nothing compared to Arthur's Seat. As long as I'm prepared and remember where the hills are I'll be ok. (Must go and write that down right now!!!)

Full of energy today - just spent 3hours cleaning the house despite very tired legs (hills really push your body a lot harder - I'm actually surprised by the difference) and made a late dinner too. Feel very virtuous - must not ruin this feeling with chocolate... or cake. :)

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