Saturday, 28 April 2007

Little Buggers

Car saga continues. TheO went to the football today - this involved driving to Edinburgh, staying the night and then driving on to Middlesborgh. (Don't ask.)

Overnight some little buggers smashed the window and took the gps (hidden in the glove box) and TheO's precious iPod (probably lying in plain site - grrrr). Hmmm, so a new window later, Helga* (for that is the unfortunate and very unPC name she has) the invincible will come back to me. Whilst RF's car has gone all the way to Middlesbrughhhhhhhhhhhhh - I think Helga enticed them to smash her window - she didn't want to go anyway; she'd much rather be in a lovely garage being looked after by the men in overalls. I think they're the only people who ever treat her well.

*At this point I would like to make it clear that I did not name my car. It was borrowed by TheO and a bunch of friends for an impromptu holiday round the Borders - my car returned with the name Helga. It might sound harsh but TheO's car is called KEITH - seriously!

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