Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Some days it just goes right.

A weird day where I was forced (it would have been gun point had a weapon been handy) to get up at dawn and go and collect my car which had EXTENSIVE work done after the guy at the garage (and I quote) said: "Ye see pal, ma mate doin' the MOT test had to stop it, on the grounds of safety pal." So ... lots of work. I have a habit of taking my lovely old S Reg off road, and it's not an off roader.

But, nevermind that. Work was delayed by having to go and buy dull things like acetate and super fine drawing pens. Then there were dogs to be walked. So the stress of delaying work finally got to me and I felt sick. Talk about a crappy psychosematic (sp?) reaction. Hmm, at least 'Work Will Set me Free'. (Holycrap - mind started to work on why that quote might not be appropriate - apologies.)

Lets be getting on to the important bit and leaving my empty wallet and churning stomach out of this. I did finally decide to go for a run. The Great Edinburgh Run pack has arrived - the panic sets in. I know I need to do hills, Edinburgh is a hilly place. Up past the quarry and back. A nice 5k route I haven't done in about 8 weeks (eek).

28.41 only a few seconds slower than my best ever - on the flat!!!
It's been ages since I did hills. Ages since I did 3 sub 10min/miles.
Feels brilliant. The gym always seems to give me a boost.

9.11 - mile 1 - 50/50 uphill downhill
9.58 - mile 2 - 70/30 uphill downhill
8.46 - mile 3 - 30/70 uphill downhill

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