Saturday, 28 April 2007

Changing the pace (just for a day)

Ran the hilly 5K yesterday with TheO - ran at their pace (not mine). But I really tried to push it on the up hill bits.

I declared TheO officially INSANE as I always plan my route so I when I finish I'm at the bottom of the hill and can power-walk up as my cool down period. They said we had to run door-to-door. Hmmm, they might be a bit slower than me but hills are apparently no problem.
Damn them.

35 mins for a nice hilly route. 11mins and some seconds per mile was the average pace. This was pushing it for TheO (not excessively - but keeping it puff worthy).

0.3 DOWN
0.7 flat/gradual rise
0.2 HILL
0.35 gradual rise
0.35 gentle down
0.2 DOWN
0.7 flat gradual down
0.3 UP

Was completely relaxing to run at this pace - felt like I could go on forever really made me realise how much I push myself and how much I enjoy the PUSH. It did give me silly thoughts about distance running and that maybe one day 9min/miles will feel that relaxing. I just kept yattering on about the view and the hills. (Bet it was really irritating.) Made me glow with happiness but still need to get another run in this week - a good 10K would be nice.

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