Monday, 16 April 2007

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It's been busy and it feels like running has been on hold. I'm definitely going through a bit of a slump. TheO says it's all because I ran that pesky half 16 days ago and my body 'needs a rest'. She's had quite enough rest - the last run was on the 12th and it was relatively pathetic.

4 miles in 39.35
9.53 average pace


I was unhappy with the heat (yet another scorcher) and with my time. Slow. Slow. Slow. Where has sub 9:30 gone - I WANT IT BACK!
So - a combination of being disillusioned and having a world of work to do has made me exceptionally neglectful of both my runs and my blog.

However, the silver lining is that TheO and I went away for one night and it felt like a whole weekend when we got back. Drove down to the Borders and pottered around (old people style) in the car, visiting lots of possible places to stay (we have bizarrely high standards between us).
Ended up in the most magnificent country house hotel with incredible food, service and baby soft sheets. It felt like the most restful break, we talked loads - quite a lot about the business which was brilliant. Also managed to fit in about 2hours of dog walking over the 2 days - so surely that counts as some exercise?

Then, very excitingly on Monday morning I went to a new gallery (Gallery On The Green in Denholm) that is opening to set up my jewellery. The people setting it up have done fabulous things (an incredible array of china tea cups etc for fabby tea and cake) and most importantly I loved their taste! There's nothing worse than turning up at a gallery and hating the stuff in it - it gives you no faith in your own work. They open on Saturday and I hope it's going to be a big success - they definitely deserve it.

Pottered back (went to yet another hideous trip to Run & Become SHUT damnit until the 20th - I'd apparently misread it last time) and rewarded the dogs with a delightful dinner as they'd been little angels in the car for so long.

So much work to do but feel mentally refreshed. Getting this post written before a NEW LEAF is turned over tomorrow and I manage to work like a Trojan, eat like a bird, and train like a professional. (Although I suspect this might end up as work like a bird and eat like a Trojan.)

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