Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Weak as a kitten

Not quite 'as a kitten' but pretty g'damn weak. It only takes the odd gym session missed (or 17 days without a weight being lifted) to lose some of the strength it took weeks to build up.

After shunning a run yesterday (too much sugar - too little real food) the gym was a must.
Did 5 mins on the rowing machine just to warm up the body a bit. Love it - doesn't feel like exercise. Then my super-quick mini speed-session on the treadmill - 1 mile as fast as I can - 8:30 - booo hissss. Was desperately hoping for under 8 mins. But sometimes these things are not meant to be. I was really pegging it (for me) but at 0.7 miles suddenly it stopped - I'd managed to touch the, quite frankly, HAIR TRIGGER emergency stop mechanism. Bugger bugger bugger. Took a good few seconds to get up to speed again and it was the fastest I'd ever taken the machine to - so it was hard to get back into that rhythm.

But the weights were the real kick up the arse. Leg weights were easy, it was great, my legs were in their best lifting shape ever. My arms however appeared to have turned into some kind of hideous girl-spaghetti (but fat - so maybe overcooked penne). Note to self: Must do more arm exercises at night and more sit-ups.

Going to kick that early May 10K into touch and get much faster and fitter this year. Thinking about joining a running club to get me through the summer ... I hate the heat (even the temperatures we call 'hot' in Scotland can be too much for me on a run).

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