Thursday, 19 April 2007


You too could be a part of a toe-nail-less world. Just take up running and watch them rot.

Aaaaaaeeeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee is quite frankly all I can say on the matter. It did not hurt coming off and I'd rather see the healthy pink *shudder* skin (gulp) than the weird old dead bit of toe-nail but holychrist it looks weird. Really weird. But that might just be becuase I have a nail/pain phobia thing.

So before the rot set in what happened:

Hmmm, when I last wrote (the 17th) I was off food shopping. As always this took more time than expected so I *just* managed a quick 2.25 miles (20min) on the elliptical machine. Oooo 2 sub 9min miles in row - very exciting, and equally sweaty.

Then today a real run, outside, with fresh air and hideous sunshine (will it never cease) took place.

5 miles 50:42

9.18 -whoo hooo
9.33 - yeah, feeling like my old self, recovered from 'the cold', really loving the run
10.44 - wtf
10.40 - wft x 2
10.27 - through the trees to avoid the sun so fair enough its all rolling and tough on the legs

Still feeling discouraged by my slow-ass-ness (and my ability to over hyphenate).
But hell, this is the furthest I've run since the 1st of April and it was good to stretch it out - even if my dreams of beating several friends in the 10K in May are beginning to turn to dust.

Ah, nothing like unhealthy competition to keep the momentum up!

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