Saturday, 3 March 2007

Training, training, training

Hooo Haaaa, me legs are knackered. Did the 10 mile stint today, stats below:

10 miles in 1:43.11
Average Pace 10.19 /mile
Calories burnt - 1441

11.03 - all uphill from short steep to gentle rise - it's all a climb
10.52 - 50/50 uphill and downhill (gentle downhill)
9.12 - pretty flat, gradual downhill
10.24 - 50/50 uphill downhill. Had to walk for 0.15 of a mile on a very steep UP
9.40 - flat/gentle down
11.12 - gentle up most of the way, small bit flat
10.12 - 50/50
11.05 - generally a gentle up
9.52 - 50/50
9:35 - all delightfully downhill

Other points to note about this run.
It was very, very sunny and bloody hot at some points (out of the Baltic wind). Might have a tiny bit of a tan (mental note, wear more sunblock).

Used SiS Go Gel for the first (and last) time. OH.MY.GOD that has to be one of the most foul experiences known to humanity - it is minging. On a family site it would be unwise to mention what I thought the texture was like. I never want to think of it again, ever, ever, ever. (On a marginally more positive note it worked really well; I felt like 'the wall' was approaching at about 7.5 miles - I had my gel with gallons of water and felt fine through to the end.) Think I might emulate Paula and get some jelly beans or jelly babies - anything unrelated to that weird, clear, goo. Bleurgh

The CamelBak was brilliant, yet again, but I've managed to lose the clip that holds the water-line in place. I knew this would happen, I just didn't expect it so soon. I've retraced my steps but to no avail. Damn it. I was a bit concerned that I drained it dry at the end of the 10 miles, but lots of that would be trying to get rid of the goo taste.

Used the new trainers again (I know, probably stupid). I thought a quick 4 mile stint was enough of a wearing in and lo - it turned out to be true. They are brilliant. No blisters, no settling in period, they really, really, rock.

Had some good runs in Northumberland but I can't wait to get back to something a little flatter. This week has probably done me the world of good, and I can take rolling countryside in my stride now; but I like a nice, flat, fast course for preference. I think my heart has had enough of dragging this lardy arse over the gradients anyway.

Hmmmm, making chicken fricase (sp?) tonight, with no real recipe just an idea of what might work - fingers crossed.


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