Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Shooeeees As Promised

Finally the shoe pic. Can you tell new from old? (I'm still in that sweet stage where I don't want to get them muddy... awww, bless.)

But there is more news. Despite only having one day off since my BIG run of the week - I went for a run with TheO yesterday, and my delightful little black pup. There's nothing as cute as watching a young dog bound along, and then decide to paw her nose, with both paws simultaneously, between bounces.

So, the actual run, you might want details, rather than the ramblings of a mad dog-owner:

5k run on the F.L.A.T whoo hoo.

I don't know where the extra 0.1 of a mile is so the splits are roughly 1.033333 miles each.


Minus 40 seconds of dog time - lack pup held up paw and refused to move - she had a thorn (invisible to me, but some wiping and general attention and she was good to go).

Huge admission: I walked for 0.1 of a mile too - after kneeling down and dealing with the evil pup it took a little while to coax the legs into speed mode. I'd just completed 2 miles in less than 19mins and was settling into the run properly when she complained.

At the end of the run I was a bit down heartened, having to stop really irritates me. I was hoping to have all sub 9:30 sections as I've been really missing the flat, fast, runs.

But on reflection it really pays to have everything written down in a running log as:
It turns out this is my best ever 5K - my previous best was slogging my guts out for 28:50. I managed to pretty much equal this despite walking for a wee bit AND stopping for 40 seconds to deal with a dog paw.

Chuffed! (And scared stiff about my w/end race - 5 miles, a small field, I might come last, Liz McColgan set the course record, there's a little hill...)

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