Friday, 9 March 2007

Crumbs... weird day

Well I intended to have a short 2-3mile speed session yesterday in preparation for the race tomorrow. But, as with all things important - it got left 'til last, then had to be sidelined. So, instead I did a lovely 45min yoga stint today.

I stretched and strained and do feel much better - almost like I'm prepared for tomorrow. After the 23 miles of last week this is definitely the lazy week before 2 hard weeks and a taper.

But, onto the weirdness. Last week I was away at a friend's. I was cat and donkey sitting and also 'old man' sitting. Her husband is much older than her and he's partially sighted so he needs someone to drive him round, cook for him etc when she can't be there.
I was more than happy to have the job - apart from crappy internet access the place is lovely and he's an interesting guy who I've known since I was a nipper. He was a brain surgeon, who was taught by Fleming, and travelled the world.

This morning my Dad called to say that he had died - yesterday, which was his 88th birthday. It was very unexpected - he'd gone into hospital that day to receive fluids after a tummy bug made him a bit weak and was picking up nicely. Puts a different slant on things sometimes. He had an incredible life, he knew he was reaching the end, but was talking about plans for his 90th birthday - so he wasn't waiting for death.

There's not much more to say on that topic, sometimes expression is a bit limited.


Plans for the 5 mile race tomorrow go on apace - I'm not sure Chinese beef (home made and lovely) and chocolates was the best pre-race dinner but hell - it's not 'til 3pm, I can eat sensibly tomorrow.

I'm going to wear the camelbak even though real runners will stare at me weirdly - it's not like it's some kind of ultra race! I've put my kit out, I just need to check my entrance fees and the map of the route - compare the 'rise' to hills I have known.

Have a good w/end people - I'll get race details/times posted as soon as I know.

ps Off to check my previous best for 5 miles.

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