Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Curse of the slow.

What the blazes has happened to me this week. I am Captain Slow (lets hope that phrase isn't trademarked by TopGear).

4 miles in 40.36
Average of 10.10 a mile

9.28 (0.8 flat, 0.2 uphill)
10.08 (0.4 uphill, 0.6 downhill)
10.47 (0.6 uphill, 0.4 downhill)
10.10 (0.2 downhill, 0.8 flat)

Where have all the (for me) fast runs gone. This should have been a 38min run ... and the 5k time was 31min- wtf is happening? I've had a relatively sensible diet (so sensible in fact that I've just eaten some chocolate and given myself a screaming sugar headache - that'll teach me). I'm hydrated (although not with the free SiS lemon & lime free sachet handed out with Runner's World last month - mingingly foul of foulest). I'm well rested. I'm eating my usual brekkie, resting then running. What is going on?

I suppose these dips just happen and I know that adding this extremely rolling landscape is going to knock the time a bit. I'm enjoying the running - I'm just feeling a bit despondent about the time - especially as I recently knocked out 8 sub9:30 miles in a row. I thought building up steadily at one extra mile a week would be able to maintain this pace- maybe I thought wrong.

Ah well, let me finish this post by saying a few more positive things.

1.Thank you to those that post - it's lovely to know that someone is out there reading rather than clicking through.

2. To all those who come over from RealBuzz - many thanks, I'll be back there soon (and back to my flat training ground - yipeeeeee).

And, finally a short review of the new trainers. (I'm sorry, by trainers I mean incredibly expensive and ridiculously over-designed running technology for the feet.)

I've only had two pairs of running shoes (as I've not been at this lark that long).
The Old are the Nike Air Structure Triax 9 - The New are the Nike Air Structure Triax X.

I loved the Old - they took me from complete beginner to where I am now. My feet have just about become runners' feet over that time. A little extra hard-skin here and there - prevents the old blisters occurring. And, the obligatory black-toe. They have done their time admirably. (So admirably I got another pair as they were in the sale as my 'second pair'.)

The New - well, the first wearing was the 4 mile stint this morning. They did well, no new niggles, no new settling-in blisters.

Excellent new cushioning - even bouncier than the last pair.
Shorter laces - whoooo hooo, just tie them, a quick knot and I'm done - to longer do the bows straggle around.
Only negatives - I think they might be a bit hotter than the old trainers (but this might also be a move to 1000 mile socks). And, this is quite a big negative, they are a little heavier, and I think my poor old legs could feel the difference (but that might also have been the damn hills).

I'll put a full review on Runners World when I can be arsed.

Lets hope the 10 miler at the weekend allows me to pick-up-the-pace a little.
Yours, with only a little despondency.

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