Friday, 23 March 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Oh Boy - there's so much to say.
Let me take you on a journey back through time... to Sunday 18th March.
I arose, had my porridge, drank my lucozade sport, put on my running kit, and mentally prepared.

After reading a few running programs/training schedules for the 1/2 marathon I decided that it had to be my last long run as the body appears to need 2 weeks of more gentle running pre-race. My last 10miler had gone well, no real problems during or after.
So, I set of to do my 12 mile run. It was a great day for running, sunny patches but a cold wind... lovely, stops me over heating.

Splits were as follows:
At this point I was pretty happy, I'd turned back towards home, and I'd managed 7 miles in 70min exactly.
11.02 these two miles were directly into the wind, a wind so sharp and fierce it took all my effort to keep moving forward.
11.42 these last two miles were extremely rolling and sapped the very last embers of my energy.

Luckily TheO appeared in the car when I only had a mile to go; so I got a lift home when I was done. (Living on a big hill I'd decided that my run would end in the village and I would walk the last mile up the hill - I couldn't face the thought of having to run it ... wimp that I am!)

I stretched, showered and felt not too bad. The odd ache here and there and am immense sense of tiredness but nothing out of the ordinary.

It was that night when everything started to go wrong.
I was hot/cold/shivery/weak/aching so much I couldn't sleep. I hurt so badly that every time I tried to roll over in my sleep I woke up in pain. I really did think I'd managed to contract flu. But no, just a hideous cold that had flu-like starting symptoms as caught from the godlet (my adorable godson/nephew). It floored me for two days. I was weak as a kitten and hideously tired. I had to take painkillers solidly as the small ache I usually get from a looong run had been compounded by the illness and I was in agony all over.

The timing was shocking and made me doubt my ability to run, made me feel as if I'd brought it on myself through the running, and generally made me more miserable than I've felt in years.

So the 19th and 20th were full days of child sitting and general madness when I should have been in bed.
The 21st and 22nd I still felt pretty awful and am still a snot-factory with a huge cracked red nose and a slight tickly cough. (Seriously, small children are like rats and pigeons - little plague carriers!)

But today I am going to risk 30min run in the gym and some weights... wish me all the luck in the world.

It's 9 days until the real half and I'm two runs behind in the schedule.....

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