Saturday, 17 March 2007

Just about what I'd call exercise

Getting there - tiny increment by increment. Last night did 20, brief but sweaty, minutes on the elliptical machine. I set it on rolling from 3 to 9 in effort (averaging at 7) and panted my way to 2.1 miles. It makes the body burn to work on that thing.

Running mags and websites say that cross-training (particularly non-weight bearing) time-done is roughly equivalent to 50% of running outside or on a treadmill. Therefore a 20min elliptical is the same as 10min weight-bearing.

Hmmm why does it really, really, really, not feel like that? It's sweatier, the muscles ache more, and the level of effort in the arms is distinctly harder (as our elliptical is one of those arm and leg ones).

Desperately just trying to keep the energy levels up despite lack of sleep and complete disruption of my normal pattern. Got to do a LOOOOONG run tomorrow and I can feel the anxiety building already. 11miles here I come.

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