Saturday, 10 March 2007

Running ... and running ... and running

Race Day

Had a lovely lie in as the race wasn't until 3pm - very civilised.
Everyone was lovely - even though they looked scarily thin and professional.

The race was on a quiet road (only 2 cars crawled past me v courteously) which was remarkably rolling on the way out - but only seemed to contain one hill on the way back, strange!
2.5 miles out and back. Very few supporters - but all in good voice. TheO and another three (the professor, rock-god, and his mate) came and had a good cheer for me. Bless them, it was a bit cold, dank and generally a bit dull - so I was very, very grateful.

I set out with a strategy - I don't normally attempt this, but this time I thought I'd give it a go.
I set out determined to try a 9.24 pace (thereby aiming for 47min finish) I was managing to keep roughly to it and after the first mile or so, once the field had settled, I started to overtake people. Now, I only overtook about 4-5 people but I swore that on the way back they weren't going to overtake me! Also I made myself NOT turn round and see how near the back I was - I thought it would only make me feel bad.

At the turn point I began to count the people after me - there were 11. I expected to be in the last 10 so I was delighted. About 2 miles from the end I finally managed to overtake a woman I'd had in my sights for a while. It was tough but she walked for a few paces going up hill so I took my chance and swept on by. (Lumbered and panted would be more accurate.)

This made the last 1.5 miles really tough - periodically I could hear her breathing and I promised myself I wouldn't let her overtake me. I made it to the line just before her. And after I'd stretched for a bit she came and found me and thanked me for dragging her round - she was trying to catch me once I overtook her; because I kept pushing so hard she got a better time and was delighted. It was a lovely moment and made me feel really chuffed.

Splits/details as follows:

47.08 - 5.05 distance - according to Orwell(Garmin)

average pace 9:20

best 7:57
691 cals

9.00 5 miles in 46.43
0.25 seconds

47.08 was my time from crossing the line to finishing according to my timing.
46.43 is 31 seconds faster than my previous pb for 5 miles ... feels amazing.

official race time - 47.13 on website as provisional from whistle to finishing - their timing with a stop-watch and a bloke yelling out numbers ... which system would you trust more?
I think it took about +/- 5 seconds to cross the line.

I've probably decided to join the Fife AC running club - they were nice and it was a lovely race. We'll just wait and see shall we.

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