Monday, 26 March 2007

Keeping it nice and quiet

Well, the panic is setting in. But some lovely bloggers at RealBuzz have been setting me straight. Letting me know that as long as my preparation has been good enough I can relax. Their only suggestion is a little 4mile run mid week to keep the legs ticking over. Nothing too strenuous.

I'll see how I do. The illness has felt much better today and yesterday. Still need a hankie with me at all times, but the use is a little less frequent. Only problem is the slight tickly cough - it could really prove to be a right bugger come half-marathon day. I keep thinking it's going away - then it clobbers me at night - woke up coughing 4 times last night ...not conducive to a restful home and a peaceful kip.

Hmmm, off to bed now - hoping for a non-cough filled night. Maybe just some good quality sleep.

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Luiz said...

Hope you're feeling better. Make sure you get plenty of rest, don't worry about training this week, you've prepared really well so far. Can't wait to hear how your race goes (hopefully less eventful than mine!). Good luck

(and thanks for sponsoring me)