Thursday, 29 March 2007

Go Running - TICK

Well it happened. Yesterday I went running. This was an undeniably big-deal. I felt just about up to it and, to be fair, the 4 mile stint wasn't really too bad. It just felt bloody awful. From 3.4 miles I just wanted to stop, it felt horrible.

However I didn't stop and the splits were as follows:
------5K time 29:40
total - 38.40 average time 9:40 a mile

So after the hideously fast first mile (looks like my legs needed a run out) I managed to settle down and run at a somewhat gentle pace. After a few minutes at the end I felt fine though - very frustrating. Also felt worryingly unconvinced in my ability to do 3 times that amount of effort in a few days time.

But the show must go on - I'm sure 3 more days of improvement and I'll be tip-top.

My views on yesterday's run weren't helped by having to go and celebrate a friend's 30th last night in Edinburgh. It was a looong night because the restaurant were slow - 3 1/2 hours for a meal!!!!! - and then I was the designated driver (as I wasn't drinking pre race) so it felt like a very tiring night. Also had to shout at each other in the restaurant to be heard so came away with a very sore throat and a dislike of other people and their noise. Got home at 1am asleep by 2:15 ... so I had a lie in which buggers-up my getting up earlier and earlier each day so Sunday's 7am start doesn't feel like torture. Generally a bit grumpy this morning.

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