Friday, 23 February 2007

Toot, toot, toooooot - A HUNDRED POSTS YOUNG

My 100th post - I can't believe I've made it this far.

Miles run - 294 - they creep up bloody fast, don't they! Damn it - new trainers necessary.

Races run - 1 (but 2, 3, and 4 are fast approaching).

Today was also a first.

I went for a run without a watch or Orwell. A brand-spanking new experience. I think it did me good. I was running with the HUGE BLACK POODLE (did I ever mention we look after dogs?).
Being a boy (the dog) he needed to stop and scent* every 100m. He was almost turned into poodle sausages by the end of the run. I set off on a 4 mile jaunt and I can safely say that 3 miles of it were absolute hell. Massive amounts of self-doubt, irritability and general grumpiness dogged my every step. Hmmm, beginning to think that the longer distances really do make a difference.

But I made it back to the car in 39min (checked on car clock) - this despite the huge anchor-like dog who kept stopping and shock horror walking for about 20 steps at the half-way point (I was really really pissed off - see above). So it was about my average 9:30 pace which is good to know. I think it was quite free-ing just thinking about the run in its entirety rather than in little 1mile/split chunks. (But I don't think I'll be repeating the experience in a hurry - too much worry, doubt, and anxiety.)

Also had a chance to test out my new Camelback "dream". I have to say it did its thing admirably well. It's nice to have somewhere to stash my mobile, some cash and the keys. (Even if I did feel like a pillock only running 4 miles, when my kit suggested some kind of ultra.) The decision to get a camelback was made as I'm off to housesit for a friend for 10 days and the idea of running round where she lives (great countryside, very quiet roads) without my phone and some cash was just too daunting to bear. On long runs it is also nice to have your hands free.


Some questions. Why did it feel so rubbish today? I honestly thought I was crawling along - I imagined (in my head ... hmmm, where else would these imaginings take place I wonder) that I was doing 10/11min mile pace and was genuinely surprised/pleased to see that 9:30 was still on the cards. Why do I get so anxious before a run? Like an over-excited child.


I should manage to blog from hers (even if it's *shudder* dial-up) - so wish me luck - I intend to have a super hard training week with lots of yoga and plain food - got to fill in the hours somehow!

ps A massive thanks go out to sheactive (not affiliated) who were ridiculously helpful and got my order of socks and camelback to me super-quick! Used them as they were one of the few places I could order said Camelback & 1000 mile socks - which ROCK MY (sad and pathetic) WORLD.

* By scent I obviously mean: piss copiously, so copiously that I have to jog on the spot and wait for him; I swear that dog is made of 3% wool, 97% urine!

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