Saturday, 10 February 2007

Exercise and Grumps

Today I was both blue and grumpy. (I'll blame the hormones and self-induced stress.)
Exercise happened late in the day as ... toot toot toot tooooot toot (again with the trumpets) I got my hmrc cheque and got the car fixed. So the bank is happier, and the only prob. with the car was a wee bit of welding on the exhaust bracket - not too expensive.

So too much of the day was spent hanging around in town drinking star$'s and freezing my arse off. But this evening I managed 4 miles on the elliptical machine in 38:04 (so 9:31 pace). Obviously wish I'd pushed a wee bit harder and made it 9:30 - buy hey it was on rising intervals and damn hard work. The exercise really helped to even out my mood and I did feel like a whole new woman after the workout. Also felt about 3lbs lighter as I became a weird human puddle after the first 20min (less pleasant).

As for the self-induced stress. I'm sure you can imagine - I make jewellery: valentine's day is fast approaching - you see the obvious link.

Any advice for those unable to get their arse moving some days would be appreciated. I love, love, love what I do but find motivation impossible when faced with daunting tasks. Therefore they get left until they have to be rushed and I feel sick to my stomach; this makes me a tetchy bitch to live with. Feel better just saying it sometimes. Ah well, tomorrow is CRUNCH day.

TheO is off to the rugby and I have hours, and hours, set aside to work and work and work. Have to get it all done as then on Sunday we're off to Oban for the day to meet family. Looking forward to seeing them but wish it wasn't that particular day.

Finished lots of housey things today (you know, the crap no-one blogs about - washing, dishes, blah, blah, blah) but now it's done I can focus all my attention on work tomorrow. About 8 hours should see me clear - shame the dogs are going to have a crap day.

I'll report back when I'm DONE.
Hmm, also have to try getting an 8 mile run in too - this half-marathon isn't going to run itself. (Well, it will, but I need to participate for the sake of all my lovely sponsors.)

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