Sunday, 18 February 2007

What a difference 3 days makes... just 72 little hours

Finally upped the mileage today. 8 miles - the furthest since the 1/2 in training almost 10 weeks ago. I can't believe the difference between today and the 15th. Today was brilliant, really, muscle achingly brilliant. I had my porridge, there were no dogs, it was just me, and Orwell.

Set off well, played around with the route in my head and eventually settled on a weird 6 mile loop, then a 2 mile loop - it worked well.

Splits are as follows:
8 miles
average pace - 9.24
932 calories


I'm still not managing the magical "negative splits" since I've attained 9:30 pace. Hell, I suppose these things just take time. I'm delighted with this run though.

My 5k was 29min dead and my 10k was 59min - so I was happy with both of those too!

Feel like a mental weight has been lifted as the jump between 8 and 13 miles no longer feels as difficult. Today I felt like a 1/2 was possible; that's the first time I've felt that in ages. Maybe, ultimately I'm suited to longer distances? Who knows, I know I prefer 10k to 5k ... lets just see how the rest of the training goes before I get too over-excited.

Off to cook enormous Sunday lunch. Mmmmmm - can't wait.

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