Thursday, 15 February 2007

Bloody Awful Run

Worst Run Ever - or that's how it felt.

Managed 4 miles (as I set out to do) but practically had a breakdown half way round as I discovered it's almost impossible to cry and run simultaneously. (There was some horrible choking and wheezing.) Took an unusual route for me - went through the woods on an extremely undulating course (ridiculously hard when used to running on the flat); then back along the road as I was a giant wimp and not coping with the run in any way.

So the splits managed to be:

total 38:51
average pace 9:39

Which is fine, not great, but fine (said with clenched teeth and aching facial muscles) so I don't really know why I felt so bad. It shouldn't be hormone related (although you never know, they're sly buggers). I can only think that the EAT - wait 2 hours - RUN isn't just a guideline for me, it's a necessity. Today due toTheO fannying around incessantly I had to wait 3 1/2h which made me grumpy as all get-out; and somewhat lacking in energy.

My anger and ridiculous emotional state during the run was not helped by the Little Golden Anchor pulling me along for the two miles back. It wasn't helpful, it was just crap and made me grumpy with her too (which she didn't deserve).

I suppose these days just happen. I was really up for it today too. I just kept thinking I wasn't going to be the fat girl who humiliated herself at the half-marathon by lack of training. I just freaked out - ridiculous!

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