Monday, 26 February 2007

NEW shhhooooooeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss (my precious)

Yep - you've guessed it. New shoes day. I've even taken a pic so you can compare new and old - but I'll have to shoe-horn (har-de-har-har) it in when I get home and can access T'internet with real technology.

Went all the way to (delightfully pretty and damn right smashing*) Newcastle today. Found the shop I'd enquired at online. Did they have the new Nike Equalon? Did they *&%$. But, nevermind: I tried on the Mizuno things, and Adidas. Hmph, it appears my feet were made for Nike and no others. Mizuno - no cushioning,well that's how it felt. Sickeningly all the Adidias were far too narrow for my (quite frankly) neanderthal feet. (And given that Asics grip my heels like a blood curdling vice - my options are really becoming limited.)

So after all that I bought ... dun dun DUN - the new Triax 10 (and a pair of the old Traix 9). Got a free Adidas running jacket though.

Hmmm bought some gels too - thought I might try them out - see if liquid goo is my thing.
Very, very happy with the trainers - comfy and shiny and new; lets hope the poor old feet like their new housing.

Also got my hit from the greengodess - god bless her wonderful latte goodness (and damn her weird get-a-code-for-the-loo-security-locks). Then went and got some cultcha at the Baltic centre, after walking across and stopping (just for a second as I'm a ridiculous vertigo sufferer) to admire the wonderful Tyne view.*

* All opinions expressed may be ridiculously biased as my dad is a Geordie. (And we wont even mention the possibility that he has Maccum roots. He's going to kill me now... you may never get another post from me...)

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Faithful Soles said...

My 14 year old son tell me that my Nike Pegasus TC's look like bowling shoes that were on Pimp My Running Shoes. Jet black, shiny spots, bright yellow bottoms, solid white strings, but what's a 47 year old Dad to do when they are the shoes that he races in the best? My son really is jealous, but don't tell him.