Sunday, 25 February 2007

Making it snappy - Unlike the Run

Right, I'm on dial-up at a friends - so it's their crap technology and their 'phone bill. I am going to try and make it snappy.

Route was: roughly 2miles in an up-hill-ish way on a quiet country road.
Then 5 delicious miles round-and-round (in hamster wheel-ish way) a small country lake. (It was ankle deep mud, slippy as hell, rolling landscape and pissing it down for miles 3, 4 & 5.)
Then 2 miles home in a mostly down-hill sort of way.

For some reason I turned into a snail, and I bloody loved it! Splits below:

Run time 1:39.31
Distance 9 miles
11.04 average pace (WTF)


Wow - I don't know what happened - the slipperiness was a serious factor - especially over these duck boards covered in chicken wire - you knew if you fell it would be like impaling yourself on a cheese grater... ick.

But it was brilliant. It was so nice not to push myself ridiculously hard, I don't care (that much) that I was 14 minutes slower than expected. It was a great run, really relaxed, really enjoyable really muddy. Didn't feel knackered at the end - mental note, push harder!!! Revelled in just being able to run that far. Felt horribly smug.

On a sad note, my trainers might have died, this could have been the last straw for them... good job I'm off to get some new ones tomorrow. I had to soak the mud and grime out (not for fashion reasons, just because they weighed a ton and stank) - they are stuffed with paper and lying by the aga - but they might have run their last, they look all bent out of shape... I'm very sad.

Camelback was amazing - especially as it's now been adjusted to fit my frame. Hmmm, drinking and running and breathing simultaneously - a whole new era dawns.

Keep running people.

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