Wednesday, 21 February 2007

New fastest Mile & Gear

Went to the gym yesterday - got to get those muscles up to scratch. Did my 1 mile (mini speed session in my head) and clocked up another best - 8.04 - delighted, especially as I wasn't dying at the end (and yes, this did mean I tried not to obsess about those 4 seconds - and failed). Although the 1 gym-mile will always be faster than in real life as when you get tired you can rest your arms on the sides and still keep going. A real run doesn't let you do that. I then did the usual bunch of machines - but not enough to feel the burn today... obviously didn't work hard enough.

Today I've spent my time (unwisely) trying to prepare for my week away from home ... where I will be mostly running (out of boredom).

Trekked to my local Sweatshop (a good 30min drive) to get some new trainers, socks, and a camelback as I know on a longer run I'm going to need the water - and it would be nice to have somewhere to put my phone, some cash, and a key! ( I can't stand running with something round my waist as it has to be tight enough to not move, which is just constricting and crap.)

No trainers - well, the new Triax (which felt weird) but no Equalon - I'm desperate to try them... they sound great. No Camelbacks - well, only a cycling specific one (which she had no info about and didn't know why they had that one... or why it was different to a running one). Both of these things they have online in abundance. And no 1000 mile socks.

Popped into JJB (I know, I know, always a mistake) and found lots of lovely running gear (hard not to be distracted by the pretty colours) but no shoes apart from cheap shite or Asics (which I can't wear as I have wide heels and they cut me to ribbons). Extremely frustrated.

Went to Starbucks to cheer myself (this worked nicely). Went home and ordered the camelback and socks online, with priority shipping. Just received confirmation that the camelback is out of stock for 3 days; tried to call and ask if other colours where in stock but 'website' person not there, I'll have to try tomorrow. Aaarrrrggghhhhh so frustrating, need these things to go away with on Saturday.

Was going to get stuff in Newcastle as special shopping trip but have discovered that their running shop (as seen online) has nothing I want and doesn't even stock Nike. Damn it. Nothing like making a plan and having it foiled at every turn.

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