Thursday, 6 December 2007

Stopping to take breath.

Rather than my usual catch-up; which, whilst elucidating my every movement, is usually thrilling I'm sure; I'm going for some edited highlights this time - it's been a while.

- Family left (in droves) and work was manic as I frantically made stock and new pieces for 2 shows on consecutive w/ends. My battered hands were evidence.
- Managed to fit in a delightful and hilly 8 mile run (kept 10.40 average pace) and TheO turned up on her bike at the 6 mile point. Was a weird moment when this person was cycling straight towards me and all I could think was: "bloody idiot, I'm sure there's a code, like on water, where wheels give way to runners ..." Then they said 'hello' and my mood brightened instantly - I had some new helper to go and get the bottle of lucozade I'd stashed in a random 'phone box. :)
- The 1st fair in Edinburgh went really, really well. Not just in amount of sales but in what was sold. I've still been left with some stock for the next shebang *sighs with relief*. Friends' came and visited with good wishes, coffee, and cake! Bless them all.
- Before setting off for York I managed to fit in a city 5K. Bridie came with me and had to be forcibly dragged away from the chips littering Easter Road. I think it was her perfect run. A fun walk, some grass to romp on at the half way point and SNACKS - she never finds those littering her way in the country. Ooh - and we managed to finally go to Run and Become where I got some new trainers. I finally have cushioning trainers as recommended by the orthopaedist, lets hope my feet can feel the difference.
- Despite it taking us 5 hours our journey to York was remarkably pleasant as we just took it easy and made some lovely stops - one at a great craft centre (Harestanes) we'd been to before.
- York itself was delightful. Pretty, interesting, and the hotel was decent. We had a great catch up with Brother-in law and wife - a wonderfully boozy dinner (over 4 hours) then a spot of contract whist. (How v Cranford of us.) We did do some touristy stuff - the Jorvik centre which was hideously humiliating: Designed for 10 year olds (or younger) and a real disappointment; being whisked around on a giant fair ground seat with a patronising voice over in your ear did not make it worth £8! However, York redeemed itself with the Minster, it was truly spectacular. And, as one, of the right age to remember the renovation work on Blue Peter of the Rose window and the bosses by competition winners, it was wonderful to see all the detail and renovations. Betty's Tea Room also lifted our slightly flagging spirits.
- Our final day in York saw me head out for a rather half-hearted 2 mile run. Then we took a quick shopping trip and I got some wonderful red shoes. Sshhhhhhhooooooeeeeeeessss. TheO also managed to find 3 v funky pairs that she likes!
- A quick pit stop dinner in Edinburgh for some delightful chat with friends delayed our arrival home until midnight, but it was well worth it. Managing to catch-up with friends is lovely even on a week night when people are tired/ill/have just sat an exam!

That leads us up to today - plowed through the many messages work related. Lots of new orders all to be fulfilled before Christmas - I might not be able to sleep until then at this rate. We both also managed to drag ourselves to the gym (it was dark and miserable outside) - TheO ran her fastest ever 5K by minutes rather than seconds. I'm soooo proud. I managed to plod through a rather dull 4 miler in 9.40 pace for the whole thing. Sweaty. Then a good bash at the weights really finished me off. The dogs, like us, are delighted to be home!

Just have to go to Glasgow this w/end for the second Fair - then I can work my arse off until Christmas. Eeek.

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