Thursday, 20 December 2007

Deck the halls with bags of shopping .. fa la la la ...

So, after a slightly tempestuous start to "the festive season" we're pretty much done. I'll say that quietly lest the spirit of Christmas creep up behind me and bludgeon me. After a few frantic days shopping (2) we only have a few small items left to get. And some food. And a tree. And some logs and kindling. But hell - we're pretty much finito on the whole trailing round the shops fiasco.

Can I ask a serious question: how many mobile 'phone shops can there be? Really, how many do we need? They all appear to have at least 3 members of staff all standing doing nothing. And, if you don't want to get your loved ones a second, or even 3rd mobile for Crimbo - you obviously want to get them cheap clothes (or shoes) designed for the 12-22 year old woman. That's all there is on the average highstreet! (Okay, there's books and CDs too - but come on people, we were trying for gifts that might not be quite as obviously expected!) The first 2 hours were disappointing and hellish. Then we had a late lunch and some coffee and it all perked up a bit. It might have been the low fat lemon muffin that tipped me back into a non-lethal mood.

Hmm, meant to go for a run today - but tramping round the shops for 5 hours was all we managed. Nevermind, at least I got my last work item sent off for Christmas.(Yeee Haw) I got confirmation that TheO's gift will arrive (Yipeeee). And, most excitingly I got the entrance papers for an exhibition I'm taking part in (Yaaahoooooooo). It's in January though so I've got to GET MAKING as soon as I'm back from Malta.

Jings & Crivens.

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