Friday, 14 December 2007

Running & Thinking

On Tuesday (11th) I finally managed to get a mid-range long run in. Seven blissful miles in perfect weather (for me), at a descent speed, with a feeling that I could have run forever. It was such a joyous experience. Sunny, cold, and just feeling the ground beneath your feet. It beat the worry and concern (work, xmas etc) out of me for just a few hours. Not that I ever forgot, but it really reminded me why I love running. That space to be alone with your thoughts, your breathing, and the concentration that becomes a kind of meditation cannot be beaten.

I had on my new trainers too (they'd done 4 miles in the gym and seemed pretty comfy) - they are Nike Pegasus - after trying 7 different models and types it appears that I really do have Nike shaped feet. This is slightly disappointing for me as I love my Nike's but go through them v v quickly. Never mind, at least I'm buying cushioning now to go with my orthoses rather than the expensive structured ones I should never have had! (Grrr.) By way of a mini review I now understand what "responsiveness" is. In Runner's World they talk about 3 qualities in shoes: cushioning/flexibility/responsiveness. I always understood the first two but got baffled by the third. Once running outside in my new shoes I thought that the ground was a little slippy or icy. It took me about 1/2 a mile to realise that it was the shoes, not the surface. I had to trust their grip as I could not feel the surface as clearly as with previous shoes. Once I got used to it there was no problem - the extra cushioning kicked in and I forgot about 'feeling' the road surface. Damn comfortable overall and no blisters after 7 miles - I think they're a keeper.

Other 'exciting' news from the week:

Our previously old and knackered pooch has a new lease of life thanks to her arthritis meds. She's even started catching balls (like they do in flyball on Crufts) which she's never done before - not even as a puppy.

We got a new TV - the buzzing, crap sound, only one AV socket works properly, lump of crap has gone. It is replaced with 'our' xmas present - a wonderful, flat, 32", stunning thing of beauty. One day we'll have sky HD and all things will look incredible. Right now TV is good but DVDs look AMAZING. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean III last night - ooohhhh, pretty.

When running late - due to the phrase, "I'll meet you at the beach"; a phrase which is not handy in a town with 2 very distinct beaches - and bombing it down the motorway, my wonderful Helga ('S' reg Golf) decided in her infinite automatic geared wisdom that a top-gear would not be necessary. This led to a noisy and frustrating journey to Edinburgh as we did little but watch the rev counter hover just above the red zone; and a subsequent bill for £130 - not what I was looking for just before xmas.

Driving through town today (14th) I almost had some kind of fit. Where there used to be a crap computer shop (they only looked at PCs and didn't sell software?!!) is now a SPECIALIST RUNNING STORE - my excitement couldn't be contained; not even by TheO's withering stare as I banged on the window of the car yelling, "look, a running shop, a real running shop!"* So, lots of lovely things to buy in there - sometime after Christmas - sometime like my Birthday - only a few weeks away! :)

Right - off to drag TheO away from her playstation and towards the gym.
Have a good w/end everyone.

* I am aware a I need to get out more.

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