Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I'm all about the last minute panic.

Ah - it's been a week of ups and panics.
Finally got almost all (one to go) of my xmas orders posted. It's still going to be MANIC after xmas and just after New Year - but hell, I can think about that in a week's time.

On the 14th I managed to get to the gym.
4 miles in 37.26 - delighted - set machine to 9.22 and kept running - sped up a little at the end

tummy machine 11th segment weight 3 sets of 12 reps
arm tricept pull 4th segment 3 x 12
arm lateral pull 5th segment 3 x 12
bicept curl 5th segment managed 16 reps, then 4th segment for the remaining 14
pectoral push 5th segment 3 x 12
leg push 7th segment 3 x 12

Felt like a great run and a great work out - it really made the endorphins RUSH.

The w/end was a real break from work - and enormously busy, but in a good way. A bunch of friends came up. TheO and the boys abandoned us and headed pub-ward to discuss Football and other maters of desperate import. I cooked a mighty green curry (some people had 3rds!) which was a touch too limey but good nonetheless, and we drank vino and discussed ridiculously girly things like childbirth ... we didn't mean to - it just happened.
Sunday (16th) saw me speeding to E'burg and back (after v v little sleep) to meet up with my guardian. We managed to make a complete cock-up of the meeting: she sat in the car park for 30min, I sat in the cafe for 30min ... eventually I called, we had coffee. It was extremely irritating - but we had our xmas exchange of gifts (she cooks and bakes up a storm) - and both left in merry mood.
I returned home to find a game of COUNTDOWN just about to start. Gleefully I joined - and came second. Some had to leave after that but HighHeels and SillyMidOff stayed to enjoy Cranford, Our Company, and some Pizza. It was a great end to a lovely w/end. [Even if I got horribly dehydrated and weirdly grumpy at the end - this coincided with my losing to HighHeels in our regular Backgammon Tournament, and made me look like a complete chump.]

Today - just had the most amazing run. The time just flew by. It was a new route, which I think helped. TheO said why didn't I just run to Cupar and she would swim/gym whilst I ran. Hell, why not. It's a fairly hilly route - but on wonderful country lanes with some stunning scenery. It also helps to have a goal in mind - a destination rather than an out-and-back mile building slog.

8 miles
10.28 pace
calories 1131 (hmmmmmm - goooooooood)

9.59 - downhill
10.34 - can you tell I've warmed up!

I was so pleased with the time. I keep wondering what I've achieved this year with my running as post the 1/2 I don't feel like I've improved my speed or worked hard enough. However on long runs it does become clear to me that things that seemed hard no longer really push me. I feel quite relaxed doing an 8 mile stint. Now I just have to work on building up the miles so I can feel more prepared for the marathon should I manage to get a place. (Fingers' crossed - for today, anyway.)

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