Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Home, home, home home!

Ah, it's good to be home.
I spent a somewhat profitable weekend in Glasgow at a Craft & Design fair. Saturday good - Sunday dreadful. My wonderful friends in E'burg had put me up for Sat night so it was just a train jaunt across to them. I slept like the dead; but awoke not knowing where I was. A horribly disconcerting feeling. That's what you get for 4 different bed's in a week!

Today we managed to sleep in; no - really sleep in. I was angry about how late it was. However we had been woken early, albeit briefly, by an amusing incident which saw me leap off the bed in one bound, screaming, "Bridie No!" whilst grabbing said dog and tucking her under my arm. Yet another teeny, weeny, titchy little wren had bobbed its way into the bedroom and seemed determined to be dog food. Throwing open the windows let it flutter outwards before the black dog's jaws could become clamped round it. This is the third time it has happened - the wrens' are suicidal - maybe they know something about winter that we don't?

Lots of work done today - another 5 orders completed and more keep coming in. I've got to set the cut off date for Christmas soon. And maybe start my own shopping. Eek. And maybe write some xmas cards.

Mmmmm - long run tomorrow - I can't wait.

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