Friday, 21 December 2007

Last Gasp pre Xmas

Managed to make it to the gym today. Have not (yet) got tree, food, or various other essentials.

Decided to take a new tack and try some harder running. Not quite up hill - but at least up a bit of a gradient.
Ran 2 miles at level 3 gradient then,
0.6 miles at 1 gradient (my usual) then upped the gradient from 2 by 1/2 a notch every 0.1 of a mile for the last half a mile. Ended up running the last bit on 4!
Definitely made a bit of a change to the work out. A good way to push it even if time is limited.
So overall - 5k in 29.30 - kept the machine at a steady pace of 9.30 whatever the gradient.

did abdominal machine on 55kg /segment 11 (?)
for 3 sets of 12.
did tricept pull for 3 x 12 (on 5)
did bicept pull on 3 x 12 (on 5)

Ran away like a girl. Knackered - had a terrible night's sleep - almost fell asleep in front of the TV at 8pm ... getting old.

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