Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Stop the world ...

All going at a bit of a blur ...

My Quick run on Fri night (23rd) was super-quick. My fastest ever 5K at 26.42. However - it was only the elliptical, not actually weight bearing so it doesn't go in the stat bar. :-(
The w/end was quite hectic with the boys, their Ma and the wonderful Ma-in-Law. This on top of two giant poodles! But hey, it made for some fun walks; particularly when Goose had the lead. The dogs were so good, they knew and didn't pull him at all. (Please, don't worry, he was fully supervised at all times - his Grannu wouldn't have had it any other way.)

Saturday night (24th) saw us, Prof and Rock God heading to our local market town to take part in a charity quiz. We, and our nibbles, were happily ensconced at our table by 7pm. We were released from the world's longest quiz at 10.30pm. Holy Crap. There were numerous excellent rounds, and a few oddities: Namely, Scottish football songs - knowledge of which tournament/country they related to was essential. We (I mean Rock God and TheO) did some fabulous deductive reasoning so we managed to not completely suck. After the first few rounds we were aware that this was the hardest quiz we had ever participated in (and we're quite partial to a fine quiz). But also, the fairest. You had to know stuff, and use reasoning, and observation, and ... stuff. There were no 'guess the top ten' questions. When the time came for the results to be read out we sat, all slightly nervous that we might be ashamed, and waited. Out of 9 teams I was hoping for a mid-way placing. I whooped internally when they read out the fourth placed team and knew it into the top 3, then they read out the second team and my only thought was, "we're not second?" So, that only left one place. We had won - we tried hard not to look smug as we (3 Sassanachs, and one Scot without Scottish knowledge) had not been beaten by a huge Scottish history round, a mad Scottish football round, and a series of 'identify the local place - including the names of lanes!' round. There were beverage related prizes. Much like the blooper reel at the end of a mediocre film; we were buoyed into a false sense of quiz-magnificence by our win. Overall, damn good - but not 210min of good!

Sunday(25th) saw a large lunch for all pass in splendid fettle as TheO cooked Guinea Fowls and we had a proper roast. A delightful walk *just* before dusk sealed it. Only Ma-in-Law checking the time of her flight the next day and discovering it was so early she couldn't get it disturbed the peace. (All was sorted - after a few frantic 'phone calls.)

Yesterday (26th) was just a complete blur of seeing everyone off after a slightly frazzled car packing and key finding expedition; and madly catching up on work. Slept like the dead - blissful.

Today (27th) I knew some exercise had to be fitted it. When the cleaners came we headed out with the dogs to do a forest run, something we haven't done in ages. I had the evil black and she loved every bound. As did I. My legs felt like they needed to be unleashed and a first mile of 9min was proof. I managed to maintain a 9. 33min pace over the 4 miles (all under 10min) and was dead chuffed. TheO managed their fastest ever 5k too. Brilliant. A quick trip shopping and dinner out at a friend's to celebrate her getting a table for her new flat really made it a pretty perfect day.

Still got so much work to do - but it's all beginning to feel manageable. Especially now the pmt has subsided - Thursday was almost unbearable. Will put up pictures of the new cabinet when it is finished. I think it looks great - let's hope everyone else does too. (Fingers' crossed.)

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