Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm back - and I'm a Slacker

So, I return from the isle. I did manage a run whilst there - a stonkingly fast 5K (28.11) on a rolling route whilst corralling 2 dogs. (It was quite a feat.)

I then went out that evening - and had slap-up vegetarian feed (deeelish) and stayed out 'til 2am - crawled in only slightly tipsy and discovered *at that very moment* that the clocks changed and it as now 3am. MaYa was feeling v rough so I knew she'd need help as early as poss - and quite frankly the guilt at having a great evening when she had to leave early made me set the alarm for 7am. Lucky I did - she was not in a good way, neither was TheO who'd suffered all night whilst I snoozed as she has a crab allergy and was inadvertently fed it... me, 3 boys, and luckily a TV. It was a very long day - which ended with much cankiness from me as eldest was a brat and wound me up. Luckily Auntie F with her storytelling ability got all into bed before we all cracked under the pressure. Think the restful-ish day was just what MaYa needed. (Although she was still peaky when we left.)

Got all the animals done and kids off to school well on Monday and we were well packed and prepared for the ferry. We felt bad leaving as Islander (who was meant to come back the day after we left) had been delayed so MaYa was on her own for 5 days, which is pretty tough going with 3 boys under 5. However, especially TheO who did sterling 2 week Auntie service, we were pretty delighted to be heading home. We were given, by random act of chance, the old flag from the ferry as they were changing it - it's huge and fab, any ideas where in the garden it should go? It's been a tough month - with one or both of us being away for 3 1/2 of the last 5 weeks. Really need some down time, and some time to sort out work and house stuff.

However, I mentioned in the title that I'm a slacker. I should be getting up tomorrow morning at 7am and filling myself with porridge and running a half-marathon race. But I'm not. I'm at home and TheO is cooking me a whole roast dinner for Sunday. I'm delighted. I've felt v off-colour this week. Sore throat, intermittently v queasy, and very run-down. A race was not a good idea. Also managed to go out Tue/Wed/Thur since we got back - which was great for seeing people but lots of driving and lots of time out and about. This w/end is all about just chilling out and recouperating. Mentally and physically.

Although, quite bizarrely this slackerness has made me more determined to run the marathon, or at least, work out my training plan and really try to get back to a proper level of fitness. I'm feb up not being in tip-top shape. Once you've been there once it's good to feel that way a little more often.

All I managed when I got back was a quite average 10 miler. It was so beautiful though. TheO came with me on her bike and it was a perfect spring day. Sunny, not too windy, with incredible views and beautifully quiet. 10 miles were plodded through at 10.33 average pace. Not too shabby given how I'd spent the last week - but not brilliant. Quite hard work, but I'd stuffed up my eating plan that day and was a little distracted.

I can't wait to get some structure back to my life; some work, some running, and time to look around and work out plans for the house and garden. Time to think. Time to work on the master plan.

Also v excited as the lovely people at Fitness Footwear have sent me out some new trainers so I get to have a go with them too soon. Brilliant. Just what I'm looking for.

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