Monday, 6 April 2009

I needed neither

(steroids nor luck) as it turned out.

Somedays I walk into the gym and suddenly I'll know what workout/run I should be doing. I just knew today. The time had finally come - I needed to do a fast 10K - to really push myself and see what I could do. I'd had breakfast, I was a little under-hydrated, but I had a bottle. It was dead quiet. I just had to get on there and run.

The good thing about running faster and knackering yourself is that, at least the workout is over sooner.

10K - 54.25 - all at 1% and all damn hard work. Pleasing to know that the blistering pace of the island 5k can be maintained over a longer period. But damn, I was a bit nasty by the end of it. The kind of sweaty that doesn't end when you have a shower. You wash, you dry yourself, then you wonder why you're still a bit damp... yuck.

That was the big, nay only, achievement for the day. Oh, and not eating cake; I'm counting that as an achievement too. (Pathetic but true.)
And we spent some quality time together walking pooches, which was damn fine. Always a bonus when we manage to both pry ourselves away from various computers.

Right - off to sort laundry and have a quite early night (for us).

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MF said...

I get that feeling when I get out the pool. People who say you don't sweat when you swim are deluded (or not swimming hard enough). Ok, so maybe I don't sweat while swimming, but I get that same feeling you had when I'm done too! ;o)