Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What I need now

is the knackers yard.

Oh god, the smugness of yesterday has definitely bitten me in the arse. I did not stretch enough after the exertions and might still be a little under-the-weather therefore I am wracked with pain today. My legs and stomach muscles are just killing me.

A great massage from TheO helped, but I was sadly informed by her that: "I am not a miracle worker". Well, damn, why did I marry you? was my first thought. Swiftly followed by; are you really allowed to cause that much pain as a massage therapist? Luckily it was all worth it and I felt a good deal better afterwards, and once I'd stopped being a wuss.

After being in a stinking, horrible mood most of the day; a lovely visit to Spartan and Blarney really perked me up - as did the Champoo. Nothing like a good dose of Radio4 (in the car), talking houses, and paint charts, and plans, and handing over vast quantities of baby clothes from MaYa. All had a v happy evening, there was even some Euro-Footie on the telly.

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Megan Hall said...

I'm sadly behind on blog reading, but this: '"I'm not a miracle worker." Well then why did I marry you?' was about the funniest thing I'd read all day.