Wednesday, 15 April 2009

look away now

This train wreck of a post was supposed to be about the most incredible set of Yassos ever done by man or beast. Yesterday we managed to drag our lazy arses to the gym and I finally did a proper work out. I'm still no closer to even attempting marathon training but this did at least feel like progress was made. (TheO out did me by running, swimming and walking in one workout...)

10 Yassos took 42.23 - of running. (Fastest yassos ever - but seriously, if I star counting this I could become stat obsessed... well, you know, more obsessed.) There was less than 1min rest between each Yasso - a quick stretch, a few gulps of water and I was done. It was all on the treadmill at 1%. it really rocked. Now I just have to get my long run sorted and we'll be somewhere near the track; not back on it, but at least in sight.

Seriously - I'm just venting now - back away, look at something else... nothing to see here:

What has really bugged me today is my father: He is a git.
1.He's getting remarried in 2 weeks time (and lets be clear about this I DO have issues with it - read on).
2. I am happy for him, she's perfectly nice, I just don't want to have to share in the enforced cheeriness. As far as I'm concerned I got the shit, angry, argumentative years; and being a little immature on this issue, I am not yet ready to head full force into the 'happy years'.
3. He's very good at wanting me to play the daughterly role, when it suits him. Put it this way: I moved house 6 months ago. We've had the keys to the house for 10 months. He's never visited. He's not always in the country, but when he is - which has been about 5 months of the past 10, he's 40min away. We made it clear he was welcome any time. I find this odd. Very odd. If any one of my friends moves house - a pretty major thing to do - I'd be at least a little interested.
4. During the conversation today it was made clear that his wedding is a 2 day affair. This is despite our only communication on the issue being one small white card with the time, date, location and a note about taxis. This card was the date of the ceremony, so obviously that's what I've diaried.
I only found this out as I asked if we were getting any extra wedding info before the big day. I was told we were not. He then ran throught the plan.... I sat open mouthed. He then irritably said - "didn't you see the website?". The website wasn't mentioned on our card, nor did he write/email or phone to mention the web address before.

How he expected me to know all this is beyond me. Now I've got plans for the weekend, and I didn't even want to be at his fecking wedding to begin with. Fuck.

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