Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Personality tests

I've just taken one, I took it a while ago too. I try to be honest yet both times I've received quite different responses.

The best line in the 'report' is definitely:

Although you are practical, you are anything but boring – you have depths to you that others cannot see.

Now, let me see - "you have depths ... that others cannot see" - so, I may well be, "anything but boring", but sadly those around me are unaware that I have "depths" and will just see me as, you've guessed it, boring!

This time they assessed me as a 'generous designer'; last time I was a 'considerate director'... who knows, maybe personality is always in flux. It wouldn't be a surprise to anyone to know that sometimes I'm very happy, oganised, and on top of it - and other times, I'm very much none of those things. (Oh, the test can be found at personaldna.)

Ah well, this post was meant to be about a great 5 mile run on Friday, and a lovely w/end away with Badger and Tigger; but TheO has ably commented on that, including a wonderful 2h of walking. I also dragged by carcass on a miniscule 3mile bike ride yesterday. (That's to the shop and back - bread and sugar were needed.)

Also - I made something which I'm quite proud of today. It's been approved by it's new owner so I'm even going to show you all a little bling.


MF said...

That's really beautiful! Glad the client liked it. How could they not... ;o)

MF said...

Just done the test and apparently I am a benevolent creator! My highest score was 'Trust in others'. Does that make me easily gullible? If so, spot on! ;o)