Sunday, 26 April 2009

Best piece of advice I've been given in a while.

Last week I spent 1-2h with tools and a determined expression trying to fix some tiny, little, almost (but not quite) insignificant leaks under out sinks. [Fault of fuckwhit plumbers - lets not discuss that!]

After 1-2 hours I was a bit miffed and quite crotchety. TheO asked what was wrong and I explained that I'd just spent 1-2hours trying to fix something and "achieved nothing".

She pointed out that I had achieved something, I'd achieved the knowledge that I couldn't fix it, and did need to call someone.

Made me feel much, much, better. I then felt like at least I'd tried to fix it, and yes, I wasn't just been lazy calling a plumber, there was a reason.


She also just took me, Tigger and Badger away for a night up north which was damn fine. And we managed to find a really nice walk too. Now knackered and need sleep... but not food.

May have spread the antiquing bug far and wide. Age cometh.

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