Friday, 27 March 2009

Reasons I couldn't blog for so long.

1. I'm lazy and got stuff done at home rather than updating my beloved reader. (Hell, if you care so damn much about my updates you'd follow my twitter, I mean, dude!) Even some work got done, really, work.

2. I filled the days with stuff so dull (dog walks etc) that blogging about it would have depressed me. Also eating, and no one needs to hear about that. (Cake, cake, cake, cake, icecream, chocolate, cake, cake ... maybe a biscuit.)

3. For the last 4 days I've been on the island with MaYa and her brood. That leaves a little less time than usual to blog. Ok, no time. I've even managed to bathe far less than I would usually due to time constraints. That and being knackered and going to bed at 11pm at the latest.

However since we last communed on t'tinternet I've managed a few runs (I think). A shocking 2.5 miler in the gym which was rubbish. And a stonking 14 miler that made me seriously reconsider my marathon plans. I mean really,  what do I have to prove? Can I be arsed? Why the feck did I sign up in the first place? Am I just a quitter? Why spend so much time running?

The 14 miler was quite good really. Too slow for my liking but not as bad as it could have been given the multiple hills (added in another 2 for good measure) and the terrible head wind.

I've also continued with my BIG IDEA and discussed it with a v enthusiastic RF over a lovely supper at theirs. Their dog really is delightful and I would take him home, especially as my grumpy dog still adores him, even though he has no bollocks now.

Now whilst the 'phews are a culture shock. Really, if you live without children or a farm then this is a one-stop shop all in mutli-sensory experience than pulls you in a needs all your skills and multi-tasking. At one point today I managed to corrale a screaming baby, a very ratty 3 year old and a knackered 5 year old who'd just come in from school. All you need is the power of your voice, a good hug and a damn fine selection of computer games. (Bless you internet, and Auntie Fun for finding them.)

I've had my first quad bike ride.
Seen my first 'show' performed by the 'phews and their cousins.

But I've also not run, not since the 22nd. And given that I"m running a 1/2 on the 5th this is seriously shocking. I've got to go for a run but timing is an issue, as is the weather 30mph winds on an island with no shelter the last 2 days have not made me desperate to lycra up. 

So I'm a bit concerned about becoming a lardy blob (well, lardier than usual) - and I tend to get really grumpy without my exercise - but there's plans afoot for the w/end, with kids parties and adult lunches - so I might get at least one run in.... maybe.

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