Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Running Behind ... in every sense.

As usual I'm behind. In my defence the house was taken over by, what high-heels referred to as: the ravening hoards. My study was playing host to some friends so computer access was seriously limited.

After the success of climbing and aqua-fit, Thursday (1st) was only gently active. We took the pooches for a 2.5mile beach walk - they were delighted, we were almost too knackered to move.

Friday (2nd) was the perfect example of being behind. Don't really know how it happened but we ended up shopping for feeding 10 for a w/end at 5pm on Friday night! This was not logical, but thanks to delightful transport issues everyone was running late. (Wipes brown with relief!) We ended up having a great dinner of Normandy chicken and much wine. Chat and song followed - although we did talk all the way through The Long Way Down. (So much so that Wheeler watched it again the next morning.)

TheO - being an obsessive planner type - had a great plan for Saturday (3rd): We were all having a good brekkie then heading out to the beach for possible surf, games and picnic. Unfortunately she awoke (having had a terrible night) in extreme back and neck pain. This left me to make breakfast - hilarious, managed to glue a pan to the sink-matt, mmmm plastic smoke! TheO didn't come to the beach but managed to do some cooking whilst we ran around like fools on sand dunes and placed French Cricket with a rounders bat and ball - not to be recommended! Wonderful clear Autumn day - incredible skies. Even gave Norman (the camper van) a chance to demonstrate his (IMPRESSIVE) tea making capabilities. (High-heels might actually have drooled.)

When we got back there was a moment to feed the dogs then head out to Ceres for torches and fireworks. It was beautiful, not a display - more fireworks being set off in random bunches - but the atmosphere was great and we were pleasantly cheered by the glittering lights (and roast chestnuts). Returning home to gorge on game stew and open TheO's presents was a damn good end to the day. We all went to bed a little after midnight - our age might be showing.

Sunday (4th) there was the obligatory huge roast (lamb this time and mighty fine) with only slightly charred parsnips. A quick run in the morning - went with Wheeler and Smiler - they chatted (to each other, thank god) for the first half then sprinted off for the way home. 4 hilly-ish miles in 40.40 - not bad, felt a bit slow and crap though. Need to do more running this week. Finished off the Sunday revelries by having afternoon tea at The Craigsanquhar hotel - yum and double yum.

Yesterday (5th) the tree surgeons arrived at dawn to start giving us our view back. It was far too early for me. Still recovering. Did a few bits and pieces for work and then gave the dogs a 20min walk - we all need a rest.

Having difficulty settling down today - might be the constant sound of chainsaws, or a niggling worry about TheO as she does her Basic Motorbike Training today (fingers' crossed). Or even possibly waking at 7 and only fitfully dozing until I got up - more sleep desperately needed. Off to really get stuck in - honest!

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