Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Up. up and ...

Kept up the productivity today - must be something wrong with me.

Also, went climbing for the first time in aaaages . I was truly crap. Things that I'd scampered up last time just defeated me this time. The only routes I managed to complete were level 2s. BOLLOCKS - that's what it was. Reflecting back on it TheO was encouraging when she spoke about our lack of food and general tiredness. I really didn't realise we'd been climbing (albeit slowly) for 2 whole hours ... breakfast was a dim and distant memory.

I also had some real mental difficulties when we started. The first time with no instructor and a dream the previous night about how afraid of heights I am really gave me the jitters. TheO claimed (briefly) that I just didn't trust her! Rubbish. However, that discussion did give me the mental jerk necessary to feel much better about the height.

At the end we went back to do a route we've done every time with relative ease. TheO really pegged it up there making to the top in 58 seconds. I tried and when my foot slipped onto another colour of route and therefore 'cheated' it really riled me. I was done for day. Whilst it hadn't been the usual super-tough work out; I'd obviously just reached me limit of patience and grip. it was the first day that everything seemed to get really slippery. Hmmm. Overall was very glad to have gone though and do like the challenge. Might just need to pretend that there's someone watching to make me HAUL MY FAT ARSE UP THE DAMN WALL. The invisible scorn of others appears to be a good incentive.

Still feel a little restless and knackered simultaneously. Apologies for the less than stimulating posting. Pah. I'm off to bed.

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