Saturday, 10 November 2007

Running out of puff

As usual recently I seem to have been too busy to blog. **Holds mouth in shape reminiscent of The Scream painting.** Surely it can't be true?! Well, for once I'm up to date with work - still a healthy to-do list, but not such a nagging list of things which are starred, and underlined, and high-lighted!

After TheO passed their cbt we needed a day of gentle reflection. What we actually did (7th) was go and exercise. I managed a 4 mile run outside - desperately trying to keep all 4 miles under 10min a mile. Almost made it. 4 miles in 39min and some change - only due to really getting the pace up in the last (flat and downhill) mile - 8.55 - excellent! Then I was picked up by my delightful chauffeur service and taken to the gym. Did another 2.2 miles in the gym in 20.22. Really was hard work but worth it to have completed a 10K for the day in around 60min... albeit with a 20min rest. Then did all the usual weights - taking it slowly but using slightly higher weights. A good work out.

Yesterday 8th - we received the news that Wrecker my wonderful nongod-godson and TheO's nephew had pulled a coffee pot over himself and had been helicoptered off the remote Scottish island where he lives (with his Ma, Pa, Bro, Dog, Cattle, Sheep etc) and deposited in Glasgow with 16% burns to his body. His Dad has sent us photos to prove he really is looking quite chipper despite numerous bandages and a feeding tube. His skin grafts are tomorrow. Poor little bugger.

Today (9th) we took the Golden Angel pooch to the vet for a quick check up. Have decided the vet we saw today was a complete numpty - kept referring to her as "an old dog". This is just bollocks for two reasons; 1) You shouldn't talk about a lady like that in front of her. 2) She isn't old - she's only 7 and could easily have another 7 wonderful years. Pah.

TheO had her usual squash game so I trundled to the gym a little apathetic. Managed to get a new fastest ever mile 7.03 and OMG was it hard work. Also how obsessively irked am I by those 3 seconds. DAMN THEM. However I recovered just enough to do all the weight machines on a good high setting. Can't wait to go climbing again and see if it's made any difference.

Finally off to bed - only stopping for a shower.

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londonjogger said...

Sending best wishes to the little one... hope he's ok.