Monday, 12 November 2007

Heading West

After a nice little dog walk on Saturday - where the demon dog walked herself into a whole heap of pheasant. Then refused to come back. Sunday was a day of delightful debauchery. We went to see a pair of teaching friends (still freaks me out that any of my friends are mature enough to be entrusted with the education of kids) - Northern Lass cooked up a fantastic meal, Mr. Meep entertained us with his Wii. First time we'd played - it was bloody brilliant. Loved the duck shooting and the tennis. Air Hockey and Cow Racing were beyond me. Fantastically competitive nonsense. The dogs all managed to behave themselves - their pooch has calmed down with age and now understands that when Bridie growls she would really like to be left - the hell - alone. (Alright, she almost understood. Only one chunk of fur was lost to the black evil.)

After a long lunch and an even longer games session we wended our way homeward - only stopping for a quick nibble at a local Chinese place. Stuffed, to bursting... best not to think about it and move on. On, to a world where there isn't as much cake, or creme fraishe mash, or msg-flavoured goodness. Good bye cruel, cruel, calorific world.

My only exercise was early (for me) on Sunday morning. Despite setting the alarm I only managed to have breakfast at 10.30 - I had to head out for my run at 12. With only 90 min from food to run I was convinced I'd get a stitch. I didn't - it was some kind of revelation.
Did 5k in 30.18. (Splits were 9.47, 10.19, 9.24 and 0.56 for the last bit.) Really quite pleased but need to focus on getting more miles under 10min, and build up some decent length.

Might not be able to blog for a few days now. Sis-in-Law needs us in Glasgow to help with the boys. The mighty Goose is still in hospital from the burns. They have fingers (and toes) crossed that he wont need a skin graft. Specialists checked today and the healing seemed to be good. He goes for more general anaesthetics on Wed and Fri - wound checks and debris-ment I assume. Ah well, we'll know more tomorrow. It's an early start. Blessing are showered upon Professor and Rock God - they're taking our dogs at super-short notice, looking after a paying-guest dog should we not be back in time and generally rearranging their lives completely. Bless.

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