Monday, 19 November 2007


An immensely satisfying day.

Managed to get 3 commissions done, all of which I am happy with; a simple alteration, and an order completed. The cleaners came and did their best - always makes me happy. And we managed to walk the dogs and have lunch out. A salad and panini split which I adored (and sadly TheO loathed).

The dog walk was a bit of a mistake - I urged for the beach as it would be swift and the dogs could be off-lead and romp. TheO was foolish enough to listen to me. It was pouring, and blowing a gale. One of the most unpleasant walks I've had in years. I was not easily forgiven as we were soaked to the skin and a little grumpy. (Even the dogs looked less than amused.)

Yesterday despite both of us feeling less than inspired on the exercise front we managed to get out for a run. We went up the hilly road to a wee village and back covering 4 miles in a manageable pace. (My legs were knackered after the 10K on Friday.) It was 30 seconds faster than we'd completed it together last time so TheO was suitable pleased with herself. It was a bit cold but a lovely early-Winter day, all crisp and clear.

Off to throw a few things in the polisher to finish off then make dinner. Red Cabbage & Sausage - perfect for winter.

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