Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Why is it that ...

When you're busy doing lots of lovely things you have no time to blog. This means that the blog becomes this list of things past rather than a far more present diary of happenings.

Now if only I can remember back ...
There's been a lot of running. Some on the elliptical, some in the gym fastest ever 10k (54.42); some has been terrible (a truncated 22 miler that stopped at 9.5!), some has been surprisingly good - 22 miles done on Monday.

In between all this running I managed to see my dressmaker. It really was a delightful experience - she understood what I was looking for and couldn't have been nicer. I have to keep it all under wraps though. Damn, damn damn. I am also extremely excited by the whole process. I can't wait for my attendants to see the it!

Over the w/end we had many complex plans surrounding RF's birthday. She was running a 22 mile race as her last long training run pre Marathon so we (collectively) turned up with balloons and generally behaved embarrassingly - well, you're only 30 once! TheO had already given RF a massage that morning in a covert operation to be able to get the key for RFs place so her birthday gifts could be put in place. Seriously - I'm surprised we weren't using code by the end of the day: the package is on the move - stop - the eagle is unaware of the rabbit - go go GO. ( ... or something.)

Those shenanigans were followed by a party that night - it was most excellent and I had a lovely, lovely time. There was much chat and much drinking - we sloped to bed at 3, only pausing to celebrate the fact we'd stayed up that late and actually felt young for a brief moment (before the hangover claimed its victims).

Yet more surprises were in store for RF as the cheeseboard (if I haven't explained before it's too late now) gathered the next morning to spend some time seriously pampering in a spa. It was extremely relaxing and just the job - a bit of body scrub and massage interspersed with playing in a bubble-spa-jet-pool-thing and a steam room and sauna. Blissssss
The w/end was topped off with dinner at a great restaurant with lovely food (Iglu) in E'burgh. A great choice from 2wheels. We all left happy and full. The only dark cloud on my horizon was the 22 miles I hoped to cover the following day.

Whilst my mind found it a dark cloud, the day was the hottest of the year so far. Sun cream was slapped on, extra water was lugged along, and food was consumed in vast quantities for breakfast. We set off. I say we because TheO in her infinite wisdom decided to come with me. I was delighted, nothing breaks up the boredom and monotony of a really long run like having someone to chat to. Particularly someone who can put up with my oscillating mood. (Seriously, the nicest day of the year and I was spending 4 1/2 hours running round - what an idiot!)

I was implementing a new strategy. After the terrible truncated run a few days before I really needed to try out this strategy pre race day. Run 8 - walk 1 - run 8 - walk run - run 8.2 is the grand master plan. S0 22 miles is pretty good preparation for this. I had to be calm about how slow I was ... pitifully slow, but it was v v hot as my tan and bra blisters are testament to! But I just kept calm and kept going. There were moments of extreme despair - and elation, but overall I am relatively happy with how it went.

4.39.26 including walk
22.5 miles

3009 calories

11.34 ----- 11.30 average ish
walked a mile - 16.14
11.30 -----11.35 ish average
walked a mile 16.55
12.13 - 4.26.20 total

walked and stretched 0.5 of a mile 13.06

Recovery yesterday was to visit Spartan and Blarney and stay in their lovely guest room. We then headed down to the Borders where we say a house which we both LOVED but sadly it is still in the Borders which is not, ultimately, the right place... Ah well, never mind.

Our trip back took us to dinner with RF and Wheeler. It was a nice night (albeit RF wasn't feeling on top form having been struck down by the plague of 30) and a relaxed dinner felt like a great end to an extremely extended long w/end.

Right - off to the gym and then to WORK. TheO is busy working for her course this w/end so needs to be left alone...


londonjogger said...

wow 22 miles....
did it hurt?
how much food and drink did you have while running?

SAM said...

It did hurt. But not as much as the 19 miles the week before...

As for food: before I went (about 2h prior) I had a double helping (2 of the oat so simple packs) of porridge with skim milk, dried blueberries and brown sugar. My giant skimmed latte, and some water.

On the run I drank a lucozade sport and at each walking break I had a gel. I also drank most of my 1.5 lt camelbak.

Hope this helps.

The gels are generally foul but I can just about stomach the POWERBAR tropical fruit gel which is a bit like melted marzipan mixed with some vague tropical flavouring.