Tuesday, 13 May 2008

For better 4 worse

Well it was, ultimately, a good run.
It was only 20 miles but you can't have everything.

The great master plan was to run to the gym, do 8 in the gym and run back. Let's see how that worked out shall we?

1h34 for 8.6 miles
Walked 0.6
Discovered fucking gym was shut. Yes, that sounds harsh but I swear they changed the time the school use it from 3pm to 5pm ... but oh no, they changed it to 4pm. And I arrived there at 3.45!
Walked 0.4 (thereby making up my walk for one mile) whilst bitterly cursing gym and trying to work out any new route that would be flat, safe, and actually take me far enough.

1h37 for 8.4 miles (quite consistent really, only a wee bit slower so quite happy with that).
12.49 - incl 0.4 walk/10.31/11.03/11.34/11.49/11.47/11.38/11.50/4.42 for running 0.4

The above section saw me slog around St. Andrews with some particularly uninspiring miles (5.8) up and down West Sands (not on the sand, I'm not a freak!). At the end of this section it became clear to me that the new gels (Maxim Apple Flavour) may be somewhat palatable in a non-heave sort of way, but they are too small to provide a big enough dose of carbs. I was really feeling a bit weak. Damn gels.

Walked 1 mile 18.16 - this is where the pain really kicks in. I'm pretty much fine apart from severe calf pain. I try and stretch them out but it's like a knife in the back of them. Starting to run again becomes a bit of a joy as it stops the pain. The final two miles were better 11.21/11.58 mostly because I knew I was stopping. Me and the gels were just not happy about the distance. I called TheO during my walk so she could come and pick me up (what a girl - it was only a 4 mile walk home).

It feels like I could beat myself up about it all - but hell, what's the point now. The last long run pre marathon is done, and I get to relax, eat and do nice runs for the next two weeks.

On a lovely note the new sports bra is just bloody brilliant. It doesn't stop the puppies from dancing but after 20miles I took it off and there wasn't a mark on me. I still had all my skin. Result!

Oh, also, despite last week's long run being longer, I'm still delighted that this 20miler was 10min faster than the 20(out of 22) miles I did last week. I think the delightfully cool weather made a difference. [Apart from when walking, then I got too cold and shivery - even with a jacket. I don't know what weather I want now. : - } ]

Right - I've had a nice relaxing day (especially after TheO gave me excellent leg, back, neck and arm massage last night) and got some work done too. And there's the prospect of a house to see next week. All in all a shiny happy sunny day. If only the damn RAF would stop feckin flying. It was midnight last night when they were still pootling about. Buggers.

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londonjogger said...

you've put in the miles...you're gonna be a marathoner soon ! :) well done on such a long training run...