Monday, 12 May 2008


I'll admit that by no-ones definition is it now 'morning' but I am still not a morning person. I object to having 2 breakfasts (porridge with berries and toast with peanut butter) in preparation for a long run. I object to feeling all weird and jittery pre long run. I object to having to train for hours when I could be doing (quite frankly) anything else.

So yes, I am here, blogging in the desperate hope that by telling you I'm off on a long run it will actually transpire. This is the last long run pre marathon, the last big push. And, to make it clear, I don't waaant to!

On a more positive note (always desperately searching for an upside) I get to test out my new sportsbra ...told you it was desperate! It's already completed 5k in the gym with no ill effects. Today will be a much harder test. I also get to try some new gels - this is not an upside, just a fact. All gels are pretty disgusting, if it doesn't make me heave it gets bonus points.

The plan is to run to St. Andrews 8 (flat) walk one mile; Run in the gym for another 8; walk another mile and run home... covering a minimum of 24 miles. Oh god, writing it just made it seem worse than it is. I think I want to die now.

Right: drink more. post office. running kit. death.

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