Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Curse this time of year.

Yesterday I did something I swore I would never do.
I bought some running shorts. They are fine - but they are leg revealing, blush making shorts. I tired on 4 pairs in varying lengths and these were the most comfortable. I curse it being hot enough to have to wear them. I want winter running but sunny weather when I don't have to run - is that too much to ask?

I also bought some new gels (apple flavour - surely they can't be that bad?). And, joy or joys, a new sports bra. It's as supportive as the others (not perfect then) but soooo comfy. Expect horribly detailed reviews once I've given it a proper test.

After this shopping frenzy I popped into the gym:

The run was good and fast on increasing intervals - so 2 min hill, 2 min flat
Flat was 1.5%. Hills were 2.5 increasing to 7.5 at the end.

27.07 for the whole 5K.
Then some weights. Tummy machine, tricep pull, lateral pull, leg push - then running away because I was knackered!

Bless rest days!

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